Friday, December 12, 2008

How much is too much?

My best friend asked me this question tonight, "How much can one person take?" It's a question we have all asked at one time or another. It's a question that doesn't really have an answer. I wish it did, but unfortunately, I don't think any of us know how much we can take until we are faced with those trials and tragedies. That's when we find out what we are made of.

Surprisingly, most of us are able to handle whatever life gives us. We may struggle. We may cry. We may even give up for a time, but we usually find the strength to keep going. That fighting spirit is built into each one of us. It surfaces when we want to give up. It gives us that extra push to keep going and it gives us hope that tomorrow can be better than today.

We've all been there and felt like we can't go on. That if one more bomb falls on us we won't be able to get up. We crawl under the covers and hide, hoping it will all go away. But in the morning, things don't seem so bad as they did the night before. And we find the strength to try for one more day.

We can all be overcomers. All it takes is making that choice and refusing to give up the fight. The key is taking one day at a time. Sounds simple right? It's not. It's hard and it requires every ounce of courage we have to make it through those days. My mother used to tell me, "this too shall pass". I have to admit, I hated those words, BUT...she was right. It passes and on the other side sometimes, if you're lucky, you've learned something or gotten stronger because of it.

Living to fight another day,
Walden Fan

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