Wednesday, December 17, 2008


It's Christmastime. The time of year when we give presents and we receive presents. For many of us it's become a drudgery--trying to find something for those who have everything and don't really need anything. It's the time of year when the stores but out all those useless items that we only buy once a year and that end up in a drawer or regifted.

It makes me think about giving, and what it really means. I read a quote the other day that sums it up for me:
giving in it's purest form expects nothing in return. Sometimes we get so caught up in the Christmas season and shopping that we forget why we do it. We forget that there really isn't anything more gratifying than to give and expect nothing in return.

I've given many times without expecting anything in return. I did it because I wanted to. Not because I felt obligated. I did it because I loved the people I was giving to. After all, that's the true basis that we give. We give out of love. And if you're not giving out of love, you aren't embracing the true meaning of giving.

Find someone that you can give to anonymously without expecting anything in return. It will be the greatest gift you give this year and it will bless your heart and warm your soul.

Giving the gift of words,
Walden Fan

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