Saturday, May 8, 2010

The falacy of the uninsured

Opinions. We all have them. And the debate over the uninsured in this country is no exception. Government subsidized healthcare seems to be the wish of all uninsured. But are they really uninsured? And when this bill is put into action, will it solve their problems?

There isn't anyone in this country that is truly uninsured. Every county hospital in the country is obliged to treat you when you walk in--insurance or not. Do you get the best healthcare? At times yes, at times no. But that's the case for those of us that have insurance.

Those of us that have insurance do so because we know that it's not a discrecanary item, it's a necessity. We give up things to have it. It's like food and housing. And I pay for other people's healthcare who can't afford it when I pay taxes. This includes people who need help and even people who are not citizens of this country. Most of the time, I'm willing to do my part.

But here's what bothers me: when people EXPECT to have health coverage without paying for it AND complain when they have to wait for an appointment. Or when they continue to have babies and can't afford to pay for them or their health coverage after they are born. Or when they participate in risky behavior, knowing full well that if something happens they don't have insurance to cover the accident. Or when people who don't chose to have insurance, run to the hospital every time they have a fever or a runny nose and expect to be treated.

It's all going to change with Obama care. Those who complained about being uninsured will be forced to pay for insurance. If not, they will be fined. Then we will see how much they like the new healthcare coverage. Personally, it won't affect me. I've paid for coverage for over 35 years. Have I used it? Three times: when I had both my children, and when I got cancer. But I was responsible to know that living without health insurance was an irresponsible act. Yes there were times I could not afford it. But I gave up something else so I could have it. There were times we weren't covered by a company plan. We found private insurance on our own. That's what responsible adults with children do.

Are there really millions of uninsured people in this country? No. I pay for them to have health coverage with my yearly income taxes. So while they complain about having to wait for an appointment for hours, or the fact that they can't find a clinic that will see them in a reasonable amount of time, I'll keep paying for them to have free healthcare because I'm a responsible citizen of this country and that's what we do.

But honestly, I don't have to like it.
Walden Fan

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