Monday, August 17, 2009

Do women just want to be rescued?

I was watching "Sex and the City" tonight on TBS and that was Carrie's line. Actually Charlotte made the statement referring to a comment about why firemen are so cute. "Because women just want to be rescued." I got to we?

Here are the facts:
  • We dream about the day we will get married from the time we are little girls
  • We look for that special soul mate to complete us
  • We want someone to support us financially so we can be mothers and PTA presidents
Yep. The simple fact is that is true. I'd like a man to rescue me. I'll admit it.

Maybe that's because it's the way God made us. We are supposed to feel that way. Because honestly, if we didn't, He knew we would NEVER choose to live our lives with the male species.

That's certainly some food for thought.
Walden Fan

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