Saturday, April 4, 2009


Today...I need to write. It's an outlet for my emotions; and today my emotions need an outlet. Why? Because I'm perplexed. I consider myself to be a good communicator. I can usually take words and use them to formulate an argument, explanation or get my point across. At the very least, once they are read they are usually understood for what they are meant to express. Today. Not so much. Today I tried as hard as I could to write the words my heart was feeling, and for some reason, I came up short. I've been coming up short quite often lately with my words, and I'm not exactly sure how to fix it or change things.

I feel like Helen Keller. Trying to communicate and yet unable to because there's a barrier there that's keeping my words from penetrating into the heart. Each time I try, I fail. And each time I fail it evokes anger. It appears that the barrier will not come down, so I'm faced with failure and an unresolved conflict.

Walden Fan

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Peachy said...

I totally understand. You can really want to write, but the words just do not come. Often, I write my chapters long hand. I find that sometimes helps me because if I sit in front of the computer, I stare at a blank page. I know writing it out is double work, but more often than not, the pen in my hand helps me gets the word to flowing. You have to find something that works for you though. Then, if you can't find the words, there is no need to force it because you will probably end up deleting it anyway. :)