Monday, June 21, 2010

Saving Grace

Tonight was the last night of the Saving Grace series on TNT. I have to admit that when I first started watching this series I wondered where it was headed. Tonight's final episode ended in Grace's sacrifice of her own life. She gave her life to destroy an evil that was out to destroy others.

The intensity of this show is beyond words. During the course of this series we've seen what it means to be controlled by your pain, haunted by your past, and how it's impossible to make any of that go away without God. Perhaps some might say the show was not a good representation of who God is, but for me, Grace goes through some of the most in-depth soul searching any human could ever imagine.

What did this show mean to me? It showed me what it means to pour yourself into the lives of others, without concern for your own happiness. It showed me the meaning of true friendship and unconditional love. It showed me that you can't put God into a box and that each of us has our own spiritual journey to walk.

I'm going to miss having Grace in my life every week. And I'm going to miss the way the show challenged me to look at God through different eyes and see evil for it really is. Grace walked into her destiny once she knew the peace of God. That's a profound lesson that we all should learn.

R.I.P Grace,
Walden Fan

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